Jake Yapp at Fringe 2016

Jake Yapp exists in that strange Fringe Twilight Zone – on telly and ergo “famous”, yet on in a modest 60 seat venue in George Square and still slightly petrified of running a loss over the next 3 weeks. As he notes, it has taken him 7 years to recover from his last appearance at the Fringe. 

The show opens with one of his trademark time limited observational monologues, this one being 4 minutes on the Fringe itself. These are clearly when he is at his most comfortable, and entertaining. 

The rest of the show covers a range of stand-up staples, from Trump to children’s books. You’ll never read “Guess how much I love you?” to your child in quite the same way again!

Yapp even managed a public service act, helping audience member Kat to seize the day and to finally make the decision that having arrived at the show a vegetarian, to leave as a vegan. Her “chips and hummus” await. 

A healthy crowd bodes well for Yapp not having to worry about the profitability of his run, though it did look suspiciously like half the crowd were a bunch of lawyers on a work night out. One of them even dared to heckle, though it is surely debatable if the word “spiraliser” can count as a heckle.

Oh, and he mentioned Venn diagrams, which always does it for me. 
4 stars 

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